Your Number

We are all born in a fated day in the universal scheme and under the vibrations emitted in that particular field of terrestrial energy time, so that from the moment of birth it received the influence of the prevailing numbers.
These vibrations will be those that guide our reasoning, our reactions and attitudes motivate and attract the positive or negative events in our lives.
According to Numerology regulating techniques create a numerical formula that accompanies man from birth, and it emits vibrations allow us, among other things:

 Make a thorough and accurate analysis of personality: character, vocation and profession, economic opportunities, love and affinity, life goals, and other interesting details.
 Accentuate the positive qualities and natural abilities of a person, or otherwise help modify behavior and temperament problems.
 Advise on the choice of studies and career under the vibrations occurring in the numerological chart.
Baptize companies or products with names that attract success.
 Knowing in advance the trend of each year to act according to their vibrations and thus know the right time to make decisions or understand important issues now.

Numerology has been my tool to help thousands of customers and calls from around the country and around the world. Billionaires are included, parents, teachers, partners, religious leaders, businessmen, housewives and celebrities.

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